Bale specialization

These grow bags are used in commercial green house cultivation of vegetables and flowers. A specific volume of selected coir pith blended with adequate quantity of short fiber in a compressed form is packed loosely in a UV stabilized Black and White Polythene bag. At user end suitable holes for drainage as well as planting holes are to be cut by the user and the compressed coir pith is expanded by addition of water to it. The coir pith expands fully inside the bag and maintains a rectangular shape for Grow Bag.


Item Description 25 kg bales low density (manual)
Dimensions 80 X 44 X 33CM
loose volume (+/- 210 liters)
loadability 40 HC 15 MT loose stuffing and 10 MT palletized
Item Description 35 KG Fibre Bale
Dimensions 36 X24 X24 CM
Expand volume ---------------
loadability 40 HC 160 bales