Coir Mat/Tiles

Coir Door mats are eco-friendly as they are made out of coir fiber which is extracted from the outer husks of a coconut. This thick and strong coir fiber gives the coir mats its most desirable features of durability, functionality and longetivity. Premium Coco Matting is made from the finest quality coir fiber. These mats are extremely durable and long lasting and easily brush dirt off shoes.

Coir Mats are made on handlooms, power looms or frames and with or without brush. It is available in a range of colours, sizes and designs. The brushing qualities of coir doormats and their ability to keep the dirt away make the product a unique one. Mats are available in plain, natural and bleached, available with woven or stencilled designs and bevelled patterns for use in interior or exterior door fronts.

Mattings are cut, rubberised and finished with narrow straight edges, enabling it to be laid together to form tiles. Coir Tiles have inherent strength for durability and strength as it is made out of the strong fibres of coconut husks. Strong and eco-friendly Coir Tiles come in innovative designs so that it can make the floors look classy.

Some of products as follows

  1. Coir Mats /Rugs /Mattings

  2. PVC Tufted Coir Mats /Rolls

  3. PVC Pasted Rubber Tray Mats

  4. Rubber Moulded Coir Mat

  5. Jute Rugs