Fresh Vegetables

Greenz  vegetable Cultivator and wholesalers is a endowed name engaged in cultivate,  purchase and supply of a comprehensive range of FRESH VEGETABLES. It has reached a peak in the field of vegetable market with the idea of implementing high thoughts... Fresh vegetables are the natures gift for us, provided in plentitude. They promote good health in most inexpensive manner. We supply only Fresh Vegetables that have the ability to meet your nutritional needs. Scientific research suggests that adequate consumption of Fruits and Vegetables controls Blood Cholesterol Levels, Blood Pressure, Lessen Obesity and Reduce Heart Disease, Stroke, Diabetes and Cancer. Hence, our focus always remains on supplying you with fresh sparkling seasonal vegetables. To enable their easy reach, we market our Fresh Vegetables at most reasonable prices.

Fresh vegetables, onions, bottle gourd, brinjals, carrots, garlics, ginger, green chilli, ladyfinger, lemon, potatoes, tomatoes, green drumsticks, spices, bananas, coconuts, dessicated coconut, groundnuts, orange peel powder, tulsi powder, neem leaves, poultry eggs, curry leaves, dried red chilli, turmeric fingers, green coconut, husked coconut etc.

Our Quality Assurance

The quality of the products is keenly observed before they are delivered to different destinations. We make use of advanced testing facilities and equipment to verify the quality of the products from their manufacturing process to their packaging and delivery.