What is CocoPeat

Cocopeat is a 100% natural organic growing medium and soil conditioner suitable for a variety of horticultural and hydroponic applications.

Cocopeat, also known as ‘coir fibre pith’, is made up of the fibre and pith that remains after the long coir fibre is extracted from the coconut husk.

The Various Application of Coco peat are as follows
Producers of growing media.
As a potting mix.
As a soil conditioner.
Seedling nurseries/seed raising substrate.
Golf constructors /sports field constructors.
Lawns, nurseries & landscaping.

Features of Coco peat

A perfect multipurpose growing media for horticulture & floriculture.
Coco peat is viable alternative to peat moss.
High water holding/retention capacity.
Has high air filled porosity.
Stores and releases nutrients over extended periods of time.
Enhanced root penetration.
Allows efficient transfer of soil nutrients to roots.
Free from weed seeds or pathogens.
Coco peat is much lighter than soil, hence best suited for terrace gardens.
100% bio-degradable, organic and renewable resource.
Contains natural substances and beneficial microbes for plant growth.
Environmentally friendly and non-hazardous disposals.
Increased aeration due to mixing of coarser material (> 1mm) along with cut fibres.
Easily wettable.
Contains natural rooting harmones.
Neutral pH and acceptable EC which are suitable for plant growth.
Growing medium with no weed seeds.
High consistency and durability.
Cost effective and recyclable.
Slow decomposition rate.