Multi Grow Bags

In the grow bags, the plants can be directly planted and grown. The plant holes can be made on the top surface of the bags according to the crops to be raised. The drainage holes may be provided to drain excess water irrigated.

Item Description COCOPEAT 3.200 kg+0,300 kg. Fibre. CF 4. EC 3.0
Dry dimensions 97 X19,5X5,0 CM
Expanded Size 100 X20 X19 CM
loadability 40 HC 5400 pieces
Item Description 1,300 KG CF4 WASHED MAX 0,6 FIBBER 0,300 KG
Dry dimensions 98X14.5X2.8 CM
Expanded Size 100X15X11 CM
loadability 40 HC 11000 pieces
Dry dimensions 97x19x3CM
Expanded Size 100X20X14 CM
loadability 40 HC 7400 pieces
Item Description 60%CF4 WITH 40%POWDER MIX,EC1.0,PALLETIZED
Dry dimensions 94x19x2.5 CM
Expanded Size 96x20x11.5 CM
loadability 40 HC 10.500 pieces

Single Plant Grow Bags

Single growbags are ideal for vegetable and flower crops. The main advantage of these growbags is that the individual pest / disease attacked plant can be easily removed and replaced. The infection may be controlled within that single plant and there is no chance of spreading to the nearby plants as in the case of 100cm growbags.

Item Description 0,980 kg CF 4 material, EC 0,5
Dry dimensions 19X 19,5X 5,5 CM
Expanded Size 21X 20 X 25 CM
loadability 40 HC 18.000 pieces
Item Description COCO PEAT: 0.350 kg,CF4 ,EC 0.5
Dry dimensions 19.5X19X2.3 CM
Expanded Size 21X20X10 CM
loadability 40 HC 99.000 pieces
Item Description COCO PEAT: 0.520 kg,CF4 ,EC 0.5
Dry dimensions 19.5X19X3.5 CM
Expanded Size 21X20X15 CM
loadability 40 HC 32.000 pieces
Item Description COCO PEAT: 0.730 kg,CF4 ,EC 0.5
Dry dimensions 19.5X19X4.7 CM
Expanded Size 21X20X20 CM
loadability 40 HC 23.000 pieces

Grow Bag Benefits

Substrate promoted growth
Stable pH and EC values
Easy to manage when dry
Can be re-used after crop to improve soil
Compressed and easy to handle
Rapid dense root growth
Simple application
Easy to wet
Fully organic
Crops such as roses can be grown for up to 6 years in the same slab
Reduced labour costs due to long-life of media